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What kind of Marine boost voltage power supply will be higher(3)


The core problem of the 24V input power supply is the IC, which is like the brain of the 24V input power supply. The quality of the IC can directly affect the various working parameters of the 24V input power supply.

Three: Transformer components

At the same time, the design of the high-frequency switching transformer winding in the module switching power supply is also very important. The winding of the high-frequency switching transformer not only affects the copper loss, but also relates to the coupling between the high-frequency switching transformer windings, and also affects the iron loss of the high-frequency switching transformer. Influence, the design and manufacture of high-frequency switching transformers have a great impact on the performance of the module switching power supply

Determine power, temperature and transformer. The transformer is responsible for the AC-DC 24V input power supply, and the energy overload will saturate.

power supply module

Marine boost voltage 24V input power supplyFour: Electrolytic and ceramic capacitors

Electrolytic capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors and monolithic gallbladders, which use sulfuric acid to make the insulating medium, large capacity can carry out smaller volumes for the above, and are marked with a + sign, some are marked with a mark, generally do low cross-linking and side-by-side Circuit filter with larger loss meson, integral aluminum electrolytic capacitor, due to the shortcomings of using special materials, the electrolytic performance is better than ordinary, the preferred frequency, but can not do too much capacity, it can be used to accurately circuits, such as oscillators, or timing circuits.