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Photovoltaic industry


The application of photovoltaic dedicated module power supply in photovoltaic monitoring systems. Traditional photovoltaic monitoring systems require an independent power supply system to supply power to the monitoring and control circuits. The power supply may be a battery or mains voltage, but due to the remote location of photovoltaic power stations and the wide area of photovoltaic cells, the wiring of the power supply system is difficult, and the cost of wiring and maintenance is high. The photovoltaic power supply has changed the traditional power supply method. In response to the high voltage and ultra wide input range of the current photovoltaic array group's DC output voltage, which is generally 200VDC-1000VDC, directly taking power from the photovoltaic array group to supply power to its back-end load circuit can make the design of the circuit simpler and the usage more flexible. At the same time, the built-in multiple protection functions can improve the safety performance of the power supply and its load in the event of abnormal power supply operation of the module.