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How to install the Albania AC power supply so that it can function as a protection switch?(1)


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The synchronous rectification technology uses field effect transistors (MOSFETs) with small on-resistance and low withstand voltage to replace ordinary rectifier diodes. Since the synchronous rectifier MOSFET has the characteristics of low on-resistance (generally only a few mΩ), small leakage current when blocking, and high switching operating frequency, it can greatly reduce the power consumption of the power rectifier part and make the working efficiency of the power system obvious. It is improved, but the realization of synchronous rectification is more complicated than diode rectification in specific applications. In the application of low voltage and high current output of switching power supply, synchronous rectification technology has a good application prospect.

How to install the Albania AC 24V input power supply so that it can function as a protection switch?

Since the air switch and the leakage switch do not have protective functions, when the 24V input power supply is abnormal, a large number of electrical equipment will be damaged. When these accidents occur, it is only necessary to disconnect the 24V input power supply when the 24V input power supply is abnormal, so as not to damage the electrical equipment.

Albania The three-phase AC power intelligent protector has major electrical fault protection functions such as overvoltage, low voltage, neutral wire disconnection, short circuit, phase loss/opening, etc., and has fault identification, fault indication, voltage before closing, neutral live wire reverse connection, Zero line disconnection, phase loss/phase failure detection, remote monitoring, online parameter modification and software upgrade functions.