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How to install the Pakistan AC power supply so that it can function as a protection switch?(1)


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How to install the Pakistan AC 48V input power supply so that it can function as a protection switch?

Green module power
The rapid development of computer technology has led human beings into the information society, and also promoted the rapid development of module power technology. In the 1980s, computers fully adopted switching power supplies, taking the lead in completing the replacement of computer power supplies. Then switching power supply technology has entered the field of electronics and electrical equipment one after another. With the development of computer technology, green computer and green module power supply are proposed. Green computers generally refer to personal computers and related products that are harmless to the environment. Green power refers to high-efficiency power-saving power sources related to green computers. According to the "Energy Star" plan of the United States Environmental Protection Agency on June 17, 1992 If the power consumption of a small personal computer or related peripheral equipment in the sleep state is less than 30 watts, it meets the requirements of a green computer. Improving power efficiency is the fundamental way to reduce power consumption. For a 200-watt switching power supply with an efficiency of 75%, the power supply itself consumes 50 watts of energy.

Since the air switch and the leakage switch do not have protective functions, when the 48V input power supply is abnormal, a large number of electrical equipment will be damaged. When these accidents occur, it is only necessary to disconnect the 48V input power supply when the 48V input power supply is abnormal, so as not to damage the electrical equipment.

Pakistan The three-phase AC power intelligent protector has major electrical fault protection functions such as overvoltage, low voltage, neutral wire disconnection, short circuit, phase loss/opening, etc., and has fault identification, fault indication, voltage before closing, neutral live wire reverse connection, Zero line disconnection, phase loss/phase failure detection, remote monitoring, online parameter modification and software upgrade functions.