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How to install the Moldova AC power supply so that it can function as a protection switch?(1)


module power supply

rectangular wave of 20 kHz.
Due to the poor working conditions of the welding machine power supply and frequent short-circuit, arcing and open-circuit changes, the working reliability of the high-frequency inverter rectifier welding machine power supply has become the most critical issue and the most concerned issue by users. . The microprocessor is used as the relevant controller of pulse width modulation (PWM), and through the extraction and analysis of multi-parameter and multi-information, the purpose of predicting various working states of the system is achieved, and then the system is adjusted and processed in advance to solve the problem. The reliability of high-power IGBT inverter power supply is improved.
Foreign inverter welding machines can achieve a rated welding current of 300A, a load duration rate of 60%, a full-load voltage of 60~75V, a current adjustment range of 5~300A, and a weight of 29kg.

How to install the Moldova AC Marine boost power supply so that it can function as a protection switch?

Since the air switch and the leakage switch do not have protective functions, when the Marine boost power supply is abnormal, a large number of electrical equipment will be damaged. When these accidents occur, it is only necessary to disconnect the Marine boost power supply when the Marine boost power supply is abnormal, so as not to damage the electrical equipment.

Moldova The three-phase AC power intelligent protector has major electrical fault protection functions such as overvoltage, low voltage, neutral wire disconnection, short circuit, phase loss/opening, etc., and has fault identification, fault indication, voltage before closing, neutral live wire reverse connection, Zero line disconnection, phase loss/phase failure detection, remote monitoring, online parameter modification and software upgrade functions.